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Re: OCD programmers and backwards compatibility :-).

Alan wrote:
Sounds like a better example of why linux should be more interested
in backwards compatibility than it seems to be now. Why change the /dev
names just because the underlying mechanism changes?

The /dev names are not set by the kernel but by convention. If you wish
to call your first SCSI disk /dev/wombat you can, and the kernel doesn't
mind at all.
How do you make that happen as the devices are autodetected? I'd much prefer to have things identified by controller/drive/lun where applicable than to have
everything jump around when a new device appears and happens to be
detected first.

I can tell the only reason was a bunch of OCD programmers who broke
into a sweat every time they saw a directory named /usr/X11R6 instead
of /usr/share/X11 :-). The software worked just as well with either

They assumed anyone with an IQ of about 30 or higher could use "ln -s"

In other words they didn't care how much of how many people's time they wasted. Just so they could make names that sounded cute to them. This sort of user-hostility can only
help Windows/OSX's market share.

 Les Mikesell
  lesmikesell gmail com

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