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Re: Enabling wireless on Dell laptop

On 22/01/07, Dave Mitchell <davem iabyn com> wrote:
> [root localhost ~]# modprobe ipw3945
> [root localhost ~]# ipw3945d

no need to run those two by hand after a reboot

I know, you'll see that I tryed iwconfig first beforehand.

That looks fine.


The only thing left is to configure that new eth1 interface.
How you do that depends on what tools you want to use. As I said earlier,
I use Network Manager, so I'm not familiar with KWifiManager.

I'm not too shy to use Network Manager. I looked into Network Manager,
but it's a bit beyond me. Would you excuse my request of hand-holding
and hint me in the right direction? Or, better yet, a tutorial. I've
not googled anything aimed at the naive first timer.

Dotan Cohen


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