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Re: Enabling wireless on Dell laptop

On 22/01/07, Dotan Cohen <dotancohen gmail com> wrote:
On 22/01/07, Dave Mitchell <davem iabyn com> wrote:
> > [root localhost ~]# modprobe ipw3945
> > [root localhost ~]# ipw3945d
> no need to run those two by hand after a reboot

I know, you'll see that I tryed iwconfig first beforehand.

> That looks fine.


> The only thing left is to configure that new eth1 interface.
> How you do that depends on what tools you want to use. As I said earlier,
> I use Network Manager, so I'm not familiar with KWifiManager.

I'm not too shy to use Network Manager. I looked into Network Manager,
but it's a bit beyond me. Would you excuse my request of hand-holding
and hint me in the right direction? Or, better yet, a tutorial. I've
not googled anything aimed at the naive first timer.

NetworkManager *usually* doesn't need to be configured - just start it. As root:

service NetworkManager start

If it works, and you want it to start automatically,

chkconfig NetworkManager on
Mark Knoop

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