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Re: Ekiga in FC6 is old!

Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu wrote:
> I just noticed that a new version of Ekiga has been released (2.0.4
> on 2007/01/21), but FC6 is still running 2.0.2.  I use Ekiga _a
> lot_, so I could really use the bug fixes in the new release.
> I tried creating a bugzilla report to request an upgrade to the
> package, but bugzilla kept saying I had to choose a component even
> though there was nothing to choose.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong
> (though I've created bug reports before without any problems).
> So, what to do?  How do I go about asking for an upgrade to the
> ekiga package in FC6?

From the main bugzilla page[1] choose Enter a new bug report.
Click on Fedora Core in the Fedora products section.
In the component field select ekiga (it's there, I just checked).
In the Summary field enter "RFE: update ekiga to 2.0.4 for bug fixes"
(or something like that).
Enter some text explaining the reasons you'd like to see ekiga updated
in the Description field (perhaps mentioning the bug #'s fixed by the
new release).
Click Commit.
Wait for the ekiga maintainer (Daniel Veillard) to respond.

You may also want to grab the ekiga src.rpm and see if you can get it
to easily rebuild with 2.0.4.  If it does and you run it for a few
days or so without error, that can be worth noting in the bug report
so the maintainer has some evidence that the upgrade will work.  For
bonus points you can check the source package out of CVS[2] and update
the spec file.  Then attach the differences to the bug report to make
it easy for the maintainer to apply.

The plus to rebuilding the src.rpm is that if for some reason it
doesn't get updated officially, you'll at least have the update
yourself. :)

[1] http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/
[2] http://cvs.fedora.redhat.com/


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