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Re: Getting citicards to work with firefox (Was:: Getting Fox News to work with Firefox)

oldman wrote:
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Douglas Phillipson wrote:
Aaron Konstam wrote:
On Sun, 2007-01-21 at 07:51 -0700, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
Unfortunately, while I agree this is the fault of CNN and Fox
respectively, the bottom line is they are not willing to take
responsibility for it. Until they do, the "fault" falls to the Fedora
Project team and 3rd party repository owners to ensure that, when
extras are installed, they work for at least the most commonly visited
sites work as designed.
Let us forget about news sites for a minute. firefox will not allow you
to check the balance on your credit card by going to:

These things really have to be dealt with if Linux is to be a viable
alternative to Windows.
I found that when you hit citicards.com, as soon as the site comes up,
before it goes blank, you can hit the "Stop" button on the browser and
the site then works fine.  If you wait too long the site goes blank. I'm
not good enough to create a greasemonkey script to do this.  I wonder if
a Greasemonkey expert could assist here.

Doug P

	Also right-clicking the blank screen, selecting PLAY frome the
drop-down flash menu so that play is de-selected seems to work also.

Is anyone using the flashplayer final for linux?  Maybe this would solve
the problem or maybe Macromedia still has some work to do!

I am using the flashplayer final.

But the only way that I could get picture and sound on Fox News Channel was to use the greasemonkey plug-in and script. Ironically, that's intended to strip out those annoying ads. What it actually does is to get me back my picture, and even freeze the frame at the end of the video so that I can select another one of my own choosing, instead of having to wait for Fox to select it for me.

CNN is hopeless. Mplayer tries to load three times, and then stops.

Anyone have a greasemokey script for that? Maybe that will solve my problem.


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