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Re: Harddisk clicks -> System freezes/reboots

Rolf Gerrits wrote:
Rolf Gerrits wrote:

My harddisk says "klick" ( parking I presume ) for no apparent reason ( that I can think of ) and my freezes or reboots.
I cannot find any hints in the logfiles what causes this.

I need some hints / suggestions where to look / test I can do / .... before I buy a new harddisk.
.... I am going nuts with this....

1. just my desktop ( gnome ) will crash after 1-2 days
2. if I reset - due to a freeze - sometimes the harddisk says "click" BEFORE Grub starts (sits on MBR) . 3. This started after I installed GKrellM (could be a coincedent) .... removing GKrellM did not solve anything (maybe broke something ? ) 4. I removed "hddtemp" and "cpufreq" services ( the latter won't work for my hardware anyway ... so it says ) 5. I have removed some corrupted files and my harddisks are free of badbloks or things like that.


Replying to my own mail here, for something I forgot ...
6. I am running FC4 at the moment.
7. I tried to install FC6 on a free part of my harddisk and this failed hopelessly. Booted from DVD .... could fill out what I wanted ... , but it NEVER gets around to installing anything because my harddisk gives a click and the system reboots. I finally managed to install FC4 in stead of FC6 from DVD , but with the same problems.
8. I disabled SELinux ( not removed ) -> no difference....


I had a similar problem late last year. My new power supply (5 months old) in my desktop wasn't putting out the correct voltage on the +5V rail. The drive would click and then stop. As it was one of the RAID 1 drives, this was causing me some headaches. Any drive tests showed the drive to be okay. Changing the power supply fixed the issue. Did a full drive test on the drive before putting it back in. No issues showed up.

If you can, check the power supply voltages.
Robin Laing

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