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Re: Fedora 7: The Linux Knight in Shining Armor?

Tom Horsley wrote:
In fact, while we're at it - never have another "release", just keep
upgrading rpms forever with individual packages being released,
but nothing called a whole distribution having a release. Individual
rpms just get marked obsolete and replaced with new ones in the
ever updated lists.

Now *that* would be a Knight in shining armor! Fedora 7 is a mere
feeble imitation in comparison :-).

[Just don't ask me to do any of the work :-].

Now, this is a great idea. No more worrying about upgrades or do I have enough time before the next release to make all the changes. What about he secondary repositories for things that will never be in Fedora proper that you have to wait to be released.

I would like to see Fedora 7 or Fedora 8 become just Fedora and then no more 6 month release dates. Just updates to what would be the next release.

Robin Laing

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