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Re: Checking dependencies in packages selected for installation

Sam Varshavchik wrote:
Right now, it's 10:37am. Around 10:00 I began upgrading FC4 to FC6. At 10:06am, anaconda started stage 2, I told it to upgrade, and I got to the "Checking dependencies in packages selected for instalation".

It's 10:37am, I'm still on that stupid screen, and the progress bar is still on 0%. On an ALT-VT, I can see anaconda is still shewing on /var/lib/rpm/Packages.

What exactly is so complicated here? This is not rocket science. This should not take more than a few minutes to compile a list of packages to ugprade. This is not a complete FC 4 install. Just the base install, plus X, plus dev tools.

It seems that with each passing release rpm, and yum, keeps getting slower and bloated. It's a dinosaur, with years' worth of hacks and patches piled up on top of each other, who's long overdue for retirement and replacement.

Wait… Hooray! The progress bar is up to 5%! It found six packages that need to be added to the upgrade list to satisfy dependencies. And it only took 40 minutes to do so.

What a speed demon.

I went through this a few weeks ago after talking to our IT people that said it was easy. On a default FC install, it is easy. Once you add external sites, you have to download and check all those dependencies as well. Now the fun has begun. FWIW, it took me over a week to get back to normal day to day procedures.

I won't do an upgrade again.

Robin Laing

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