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Re: Fedora 7: The Linux Knight in Shining Armor?

> Now, this is a great idea.  No more worrying about upgrades or do I have 
> enough time before the next release to make all the changes.  What about 
> he secondary repositories for things that will never be in Fedora proper 
> that you have to wait to be released.
> I would like to see Fedora 7 or Fedora 8 become just Fedora and then no 
> more 6 month release dates.  Just updates to what would be the next release.
I think this is a very good idea.

With the possibility of twice a year updates of more CDs than I can count,
and with the dropping of Fedora Legacy support, I think this whole Fedora-N
thing is going to fall apart.

I for one run Fedora on my machines at home, and the machines I support at
the Lab.  It doesn't matter how good or extensive the distribution is, I am
required to have Security updates on my machines at the Lab.  With the dissolution
of the Fedora Legacy project, I am seriously considering moving those machines
to Centos.  It may not be advanced as Fedora, but I can expect support for
a number of years.  Now if Fedora7 became just Fedora, with updates forever
that would solve the problem.

At home, I have one or two machines that I follow Fedora updates on
as they come out, or at least every-other update.  However my Firewall is
stable, and I don't see updating it to a new distribution all that often.

Ditto my MythTV installation.  Updating there is almost suicide.  Still
I don't want to do without security based updates.

Having Fedora7 become just Fedora with updates forever would solve both

Just my opinions, but everyone I know has the same worries about Fedora
since Legacy went away, and they are looking at other distributions.

                                        reg dwf com

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