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Re: Are there instances where modification time is not supposed to change?


With that setting off it worked as I expected.

Never occurred to me that an application could have the discretion
over whether to update the modification time or not.


On 22/01/07, Todd Zullinger <tmz pobox com> wrote:
Markus Lindholm wrote:
> Today I was updating the meta data for my music collection that's
> encoded in flac. I was using easyTag version 1.99.13 to modify the
> id tags.
> After I was done with the tags I wanted to backup the collection
> with rsync. It was now that I noticed that it didn't backup some of
> the files that I knew I had modified. I checked the size and time of
> modification for the files and they were identical between source
> and target, but the time wasn't today. So that was the reason rsync
> hadn't backup those file.
> So I ran a test where I checked the time of modification for a flac
> file, then opened it in easyTag and removed a single letter from a
> single tag, saved the change. Checked the time of modification and
> noticed that it hadn't changed, but the time of access had changed.
> Opened up the flac file with another tag editor and verified that
> the change I made with easyTag was actually there.
> Is this excepted behaviour?

There's a setting in the easytag preferences (the file settings tab)
that will preserve the modification time of the file who's tag you are
editing.  There is also the ability to use padding in the tags to help
avoid having to rewrite the entire file when a field is changed.
Perhaps between those two settings your file's size and time weren't

I have padding enabled but not preserve the mod time FWIW.

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