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Re: Disabling touchpad on laptop

On 22/01/07, Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:
I'm not sure Dotan.  Its not being started from /etc/init.d, nothing in
there.  Its an rpm for FC5, synaptics-0.14.4-2.1 according to an rpm -q

It installs itself into the kde control center, under
peripherals->touchpad so it can be controlled & configured from there
too.  There should be additional messages about it in the list archives,
I generated some of them at the time, most of a year ago IIRC.  And I
believe it must do a similar install on gnome too.

For kde, its icon is on the task bar just left of the clock when its

Thanks. Now it's starting automatically (don't know what I did) but it
gives me this error:
Shared Memory is not accessible.
Please add the option 'UseShm ''true''' into the touch pad section of

All the options a re greyout out and unusable. I'll do like the error
suggests and then I'll report back.

Dotan Cohen


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