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Re: OCD programmers and backwards compatibility :-).

Robin Laing wrote:
Alan wrote:
Now I have not followed the Linux Standards information lately but is this change moving more towards a standard across all versions of Linux?

Linux Standard Base uses the File Heirarchy Standard for file locations,
which in turn follows Unix tradition on the whole. X now follows the FHS
and LSB general recommendations.

At least one LSB version is ISO.

So the moves in general are towards the standard so this will make applications that follow the standard work easier with Fedora. Also it will make it less likely that these changes will just "occur" due to some programmers wish.

I think it will make it easier for users down the road and Linux in general.

"Linux in general" would be better off if programs didn't have to know about a special layout just for Linux.. Remember, most of the apps we user aren't written specifically for Linux and calling your layout LSB sounds about as likely as
calling your character set ASCII in terms of getting any kind of  universal
agreement.  Why not try to make things the same across the *bsd's, Solaris,
OSX, etc. too, if you are going to have to deal with the problems of changes

 Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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