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Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

Gene Heskett wrote:
> As I said in a previous posting, the only change between those two
> builds was ripping out the Livna versions of mplayer and
> mplayerplug-in and installing the Dries versions.  And disabling
> selinux.  Now which do you think might have had the major effect?

You also went on about other things you enabled to make a router work
without a factory reset and something about firefox IIRC.  I believe
you said you rebooted into a new kernel as well.  Certainly you didn't
just toggle a few kernel config switches and run make again.  Pardon
me for being skeptical and confused and guessing that the most obvious
cause of the speedup was ccache.

To make a useful test you'd need to lay out the steps that can be
taken to reproduce it.  Show a timed make of the kernel and the
.config that you used.  Then unpack the same kernel, edit the config
and do another timed make.  If you can do this consistently then it
becomes worth mentioning and others may wish to try and reproduce it.

You'd also want to disable ccache for the tests, to ensure that it
isn't a factor.  Closing other applications that might be using up
system resources would be a good idea too.

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