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Re: other dvd players

Around 09:33pm on Monday, January 22, 2007 (UK time), Alan scrawled:

> > In what sense is libdvdcss non-free?
> In the sense that a US or EU citizen can be arrested for posessing or
> using it, or in the US even giving a URL to it.

I believe that in the UK, the Copyright and Related Rights Regulations
2003 act under which this falls only makes criminal offences of:

*   manufacturing for sale or hire, importation, sale or distribution of
    devices or products which are primarily designed or adapted for the
    purpose of the circumvention of technological measures;
*   providing, promoting, advertising or marketing a service the purpose
    of which is to enable or facilitate the circumvention of technical

Mere possession and use is not a criminal offence, although
distribition, even for free, would be.o

However IANAL.  Some detail can be found here:

More interesting stuff here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libdvdcss

"Unlike DeCSS, libdvdcss has never been fought over in a courtroom.
In many countries it is forbidden to sell or document programs that
provide ways around copy protection systems. CSS is not a copy
protection system, but rather primarily a region-control market
segmentation system."



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