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RE: Fedora 7: The Linux Knight in Shining Armor?

Les Mikesell wrote:
>William Case wrote:
>>> I second or third this suggestion. It is tiring every 6 months to have
>>> to start from scratch so to speak.
>> On the other hand  -- there are people like me who like to play around
>> with Fedora; adding new programs that hardly get used; trying out
>> different configurations; experimenting and learning.  Doing a new
>> version install lets me get rid of all the cruff and start over every so
> So what happens after you've learned something and are ready to do
> some real work with your system - and then next time that cruft is
> something worth saving?

That is the problem I face.  I keep some things on my machine that I don't
want to have to recreate each time.  Some of it is user data, and can be
housed in /home on a separate partition which I can maintain from "upgrade"
to "upgrade" (reinstall, more accurately).  But in the /home directories we
also keep various individual configuration files (desktop, etc) for things
which may and sometimes do change from version to version.  I also install a
number of additional applications (many games, for example) and it can take
an hour or more to go through the entire repository lists to find each of
them.  Add to that configurations for such things as sendmail, apache, etc,
and I can spend almost as much time getting the machine *back* to where I
was as it takes between releases.

This is why, for the most part, I try to *upgrade* rather than *reinstall*.
But this, as we know, causes other problems.  My current desktop at home,
for example, no longer produces sound.  The hardware is just fine (checked
with LiveCDs), the config files all *look* fine, but still no sound.  The
machines on which I installed from scratch all produce sound.

So my home mail/web server is moving to CentOS.  I can't stick with Fedora,
as it moves too fast and I'm losing legacy support.  Not sure what I'm going
to do with my desktops; I'll see where Fedora 7 takes me and make my
decision there.  But with the continual recommendation that I reinstall
instead of upgrade, I'm beginning to feel like I'm part of an external QA
lab rather than a somewhat technically-minded home user trying to get some
things done.

For what it's worth,
 -Don Levey

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