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Re: Fedora 7: The Linux Knight in Shining Armor?

Styma, Robert E (Robert) wrote:
In the Fedora Core 6 install, it asked if you wanted to have access
to the "extras".  If you answered yes, it set enough networking to
go out to extras to get the other packages.  This means this capability
is currently available in anaconda.  With three separate DVD's for
desktop, kde-desktop and server, why not use this functionality and
and ask (say for the desktop ISO) do you want to include server
and do you want to include KDE features?  If the answer is yes,
set up the link to the repos just like is done for extra's in FC6.
This way you effectively have the full set of packages for all versions and if you choose wisely, the bulk of them will be on
the DVD.

Just my 2 cents.

Again, the spins only help bootstrap the initial set of packages available in the media. If you want to add more packages, the installer already has the capability to pull packages off the network. We are also discussing enabling more visibly the ability for the installer to pull in the latest updates if any is available in the repository and install them instead of the older packages in the media. This is already available in the FC6 installer in some instances but there is no GUI bits to enable them easily.


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