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Re: Getting Fox News to work with Firefox

On Mon, 2007-01-22 at 16:08 -0600, Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Jan 2007 07:08:21 -0800
> David Boles <dgboles gmail com> wrote:
> > >>> Incidentally, none of the above sites worked very well for me
> > >>> using Konqueror either. I have the Greasemonkey extension for
> > >>> Firefox working with Fox News now. For some reason, Konqueror
> > >>> still isn't working with Fox.
> > >> First? You kinda' highjacked his thread with you Citibank problem.
> > >> You should have started a one. Not a big deal. That happens here
> > >> often.  ;-)
> > > It is hard to highjack a thread that you started. The topic as I
> > > saw it was sites that could not be reached properly with firefox.
> > > Just for accuracy. www.citicards.com is the cite that can't be
> > > accessed.
> > 
> > 
> > I can. Rawhide soon to be FC& and Firefox No cpmplaint from
> > the site at all. They want you to have Flash 9 but all that does is
> > give you the ads.
> Hello, Everyone
> Using Firefox on Fedora Core 6, I cannot access
> http://www.citicards.com  If I have the ambition later, I will make
> some screenshots showing what "can't access" means in my case.
> On the same subject, here is an interesting one for all of you:
> I attempted to access http://www.citicards.com/ using konqueror from
> KDE's Branch 3.5 (compiled from source)
> The page that comes us is as follows:
> http://www.afolkey2.net/Projects/konq-screenshot-001.jpg
> (The above screenshot is incomplete, because it is a flash file
> offering a tour of their site....)
> If I set Konqueror's Browser Identification settings to not send ANY
> browser identification, I am allowed to view the actual web page:
> http://www.afolkey2.net/Projects/konq-screenshot-002.jpg
> (No invitation to tour their site...)
> So, it LOOKS like if Konqueror identifies itself as Konqueror, it
> cannot load this page properly.  But if Konqueror does not identify
> itself at all, the page works.  I will let all of you figure out what
> that may mean :)
> Also, if I go to http://www.citibank.com with Konqueror, the main page
> loads fine.  But if I click the Login link, I get the following little
> tidbit: https://web.da-us.citibank.com/cgi-bin/citifi/portal/l/l.do
> BUT, if I set Konqueror to not send ANY identification, clicking on
> that same Login link takes me, wonder of wonders, to the actual login
> page:
> https://web.da-us.citibank.com/cgi-bin/citifi/portal/l/l.do
> So, I guess the moral of this story is that if I use Konqueror,
> Citibank thinks I'm using a supported browser as long as I don't
> identify myself as anything.  But, if I "admit" that I am not using a
> supported browser, then my browser isn't good enough.

Then you have a great reason to browbeat the webmasters of those sites
within an inch of their lives.  HTTP 1.1 is HTTP 1.1 regardless of the
browser and these lunkheads should be taught that the world does NOT
revolve around that huge farking security hole known as IE.

I've had some donnybrooks with some of my on-line account people.  I've
told them that I will NEVER allow IE on any machine I have control over,
and if their webmasters can't write browser-agnostic code, then they
should be fired and replaced with coders that don't have their heads up
their respective posteriors.

- Rick Stevens, Senior Systems Engineer     rstevens vitalstream com -
- VitalStream, Inc.                       http://www.vitalstream.com -
-                                                                    -
-     There are only 10 kinds of people in the world -- those who    -
-                 understand binary and those who don't              -

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