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Re: I have a corrupt FC6 rpmdb after a timed-out yum update; rpm --rebuilddb fails

Kenneth Wolcott wrote:

  I deleted the rpm db files.

  I then ran yum update again.

  Seems to go fine for quite awhile and then...

It sounds like you probably have entries within your rpm database that are leftovers from the yum blunt exit. You probably need to remove the /var/lib/rpm/__db* files and run rpm --rebuilddb to get the database in a usable state. Afterwards, you will have to find the packages which are multi-versions on your system and clean up the messed up entries for the files. Hopefully the botched update did not include a lot of packages so the mess would not be extreme. The easiest way is to run rpm -qa and sort the output to locate packages which might show two or more entries. Next you would want to verify the two packages and find out which one verifies and which one shows problems. Then you would want to remove only the database entry for the version that does not come back clean with the --justdb option to rpm.

After the mess is cleaned up you might be able to update the system successfully again with yum. As you mentioned your system speed and other options, you might be pressing the edge too much with trying to use resource hungry programs like yum. I think 333 MHz would work but it would be extremely slow.


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