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Epiphany - Printing Only Selected Text?

I asked this on the epiphany-list mailing list about a week ago and have
received no response; so I pose the question here hoping others can
point me in the right direction.

Earlier that evening, I wanted to print out two of the search results on
a specific web page. Being familiar with Firefox's ability to do this
from Windows (and having yet to attempt any such behavior with Epiphany
on GNU/Linux), I tried to do something similar but cannot find the

In Firefox, for example, this is as easy as highlighting a block of text
and choosing "Selection" in the Print Range area of its print options.
However, I can't seem to find any such options with Epiphany's setup
("File --> Print").

(So far the closest I've come to this functionality is taking a
screenshot of the desired content then cropping as needed and printing
through GIMP.) The main reason I want to do this instead of simply
copying/pasting to gEdit or similar is to keep the formatting of the
text. Is there something I'm overlooking? Something in GConf perhaps
that I need to set?

Thanks for your time.
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