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Re: Evolution and maddening Preformat

On Tue, 2007-01-23 at 01:41 -0500, Ric Moore wrote:
> What is with Preformat popping up when I'm entering text? I could rip it
> out and never miss it. Anyone know how to do such a thing and just what
> the heck is it for anyway?? It's the most annoying "feature" I've ever
> seen to an emailer. I'd like to pound an oak stake into "Normal" so that
> method of entry is permanent. Thanx! Ric

I don't usually get that, except in the middle of *some* quoted text.  I
say "some," because not all quoted text remains "as-is" ("as-is" being
good quoting etiquette - leave things alone, as default; but allow you
to fix them, by choice).

It normally does have "normal" as the text formatting style.  Are you
referring to fresh messages or replies?  With replies  Try hitting enter
and breaking away from prior text, and see if it changes.

For what it's worth, Evolution's quoting is abysmal.  I nearly always
have to tidy it up, especially when there's more than one generation of
quoted text.  I find most mail and news clients to be that way,


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