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Re: Firefox locks sound

>> Just a note to say that you're not alone.  I have also had sites that
>> use sound (whether it be part of Flash, or some background racket), make
>> it impossible to play sounds with other applications until you quit
>> Firefox.

Mark Knoop:
> It is unlikely that Firefox is the culprit, more likely that a plugin
> is to blame.

Good point, unless it's Firefox keeping a plug-in active when it
shouldn't.  But I think you're right, it's probably more likely that the
plug-in is hogging the sound system to itself.

> The old version of Flash did not use alsa and did tend to hang on to
> the sound device. Have you installed the new version 9.0.31? What
> other plugins are you using?

I'll have to try that later.  I'm on the wrong PC, and I don't often go
to Flash sites, so I don't know of one to test it with, off hand.

(Currently running FC4, in case that's important to the thread)

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