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Re: Harddisk kliks -> System freezes/reboots

On Sun, 2007-01-21 at 11:43 +0100, Rolf Gerrits wrote:
> My harddisk says "klick" ( parking I presume ) for no apparent reason ( 
> that I can think of ) and my freezes or reboots.
> I cannot find any hints in the logfiles what causes this.
> I need some hints / suggestions where to look / test I can do / .... 
> before I buy a new harddisk.
> .... I am going nuts with this....
> Info:
> 1. just my desktop ( gnome ) will crash after 1-2 days
> 2. if I reset - due to a freeze - sometimes the harddisk says "click" 
> BEFORE Grub starts (sits on MBR) .
> 3. This started after I installed GKrellM (could be a coincedent) .... 
> removing GKrellM did not solve anything (maybe broke something ? )
> 4. I removed "hddtemp" and "cpufreq" services ( the latter won't work 
> for my hardware anyway ... so it says )
> 5. I have removed some corrupted files and my harddisks are free of 
> badbloks or things like that.
> HELP !!

With all due respect to others on this thread, this has nothing to do
with a power supply problem.  This is the classic sound of a hard drive
that is getting ready to fail.

You need to back your data up and get it moved to a new drive.

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