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Re: Waterstamping PDF in fedora

On 23/01/07, Tomas Larsson <tomas tlec se> wrote:
Hi group
I'm looking for some sort of app that automatically (from command
line/script) can waterstamp a pdf-file, or merge a picture/text on each
It seems that pdf toolkit can't do it, if I understand things correctly.

Yes, pdftk can:

background <background PDF filename | - | PROMPT>
                Applies a PDF watermark to the background  of  a
                single  input  PDF.   Pass  the background PDF's
                filename after background like so:

                pdftk in.pdf background back.pdf output out.pdf

                Pdftk uses only the first page  from  the  back-
                ground  PDF  and applies it to every page of the
                input PDF.  This page is scaled and  rotated  as
                needed  to fit the input page.  You can use - to
                pass a background PDF into pdftk via stdin.  For
                backward  compatibility  with  pdftk  1.0, back-
                ground can be used as an  output  option.   How-
                ever,  this  old  technique  works  only when no
                operation is given.

You could also use the latex pdfpages and graphicx packages
(\includepdf, \includegraphics).

Mark Knoop

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