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Re: Sun JDK 1.6, Java plugin, Firefox?

>> Thanks for your response Mike but I really want to get it to work with
>> JPackage since that is apparently the future.
>Java was recently opensourced by Sun; thus, removing the need for the
>purist to create another variant of java.
>How is JPackage the future?


I don't have the link to the article now but I read on Sun's site 
that JPackage was the way to go to install Sun's JDK on Linux for the 
future.  In the past I had avoided the rpm as has been suggested on 
this site for quite a while and just installed the binary version.  
Then used alternatives to select the Sun version.  That worked OK but 
was a pain to do every time the version changed.

RPMs are really quite handy to use and easy to install if they work.

So do you have Sun's 1.6 JDK installed?  How did you do it?


Knute Johnson
Molon Labe...

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