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Re: Measure system traffic -

On Tue, 2007-01-23 at 10:19 -0500, Bob Goodwin wrote:
> My ISP Wildblue limits me to 5 gig's upload and 17 down over a thirty 
> day period. For the last nine months this has not been a problem, 
> however last month they made a system change and said they were 
> measuring usage more accurately.  Now we are running perilously close to 
> the limits for the last thirty days and I'm not certain why.
> We have four computers [FC6, Mac, and W2k] running on the wireless LAN 
> which appears as eth0 to my computer. The system is comprised of the 
> satellite receiver/modem, a Netgear wireless router, and some Linksys 
> wireless bridges and/or adapters.  Can someone tell me how I can track 
> usage and determine how much each user is consuming?


Multi Router Traffic Grapher
Reasonably easy to set up, easily adaptable to a multitude of uses.


RRDTool is a more powerful version of MRTG (more or less).  Highly
adaptable.  I use it to track weather changes, for example.

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