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Re: help with kernel patch - speakup

Jim Cornette wrote:
Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote:
Is there a person who is experienced with kernel patching?
I would like you to try and patch in speakup in the fedora core 6 kernel, and see if you sucsess because I haven't done it. it is at
Also, why won't the kernel that ships with fedora core6 recompile? I only get errors. /Kristoffer

I went to the site and Janina pointed out this link in the archives. She used to post here on occasion.


and the link to where you might get a kernel for FC6 compiled with speakup.

I hope this helps a bit.

Here is one for Fedora 6.


Regarding compiling the kernel for Fedora, I'm not sure. I mostly use the upstream versions if I want a kernel other than the default.


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