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Re: Xine broken again

On Tue, 2007-01-23 at 12:07 -0800, David Boles wrote:
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> Ric Moore wrote:
> > Xine just quit again with regards to sound. I had it working all nicely
> > then a yum update removed!! packages and re-installed it all nice and
> > broken again. My life seems to be draining through my fingers like sand,
> > while keeping this boat afloat. 
> > 
> > So, is livna not the best source for things related to Xine? At atrpms I
> > don't find xine-libs although I find xine. If I install from extras, I
> > get the older xine without the nifty smoke motif of the opening screen.
> > So, if anyone knows just what package to get from where, that works, I'd
> > love to have that info and re-install and then mark xine in my excludes
> > from yum updating ever again. Ever. Just a plain yum install from extras
> > gives me a jerky playback of the video and no sound. <sigh> 
> > 
> > I'm feeling like Little Richard on that Geico commercial,
> > "Some one HEP ME!!"  <looking all wild eyed and distraught> Ric
> Take a deep breath Ric. Then tell yourself that this is probably your fault.

<Little Richard mode on> 
"Oh I have! Oh Lawwd! You know it's me that done it and feel my PAIN!" 
<breaks down and weeps uncontrollably>
"Some body HEP ME!!" 
<Little Richard mode off/>

> :-)  Your update of official Fedora package probably replaced your ill gotten
> packages from Livna so your Xine stopped.

Well, I ripped everything out by the roots, like those screaming
Mandrakes at Hogswarts, and tossed 'em. Re-installed using enablerepo
livna install xine*. Still jerking and no sound again. Maybe if xine
wasn't in extras at all, since we're all petty crooks when it comes to
mp3's and shall surely burn in H E double hockey sticks, then we'd get
the REALLY GOOD STUFF to satisfy our less than noble urges from a
repo. :) Ric

> Look at the protectbase plugin for yum. You might like it.
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>   David
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