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How to mount xvda volumes without xm?


I have a server that has crashed once due faulty hardware which contains FC6 with one FC6-virtual machine. We got the machine up but instead of it booting to xen-enabled kernel (which was default before last kernel upgrade by nightly yum) it booted to non xen-enabled kernel. I would now very much like to mount the root-fs of the virtual machine and copy some files from it before retrying the boot with xen-enabled kernel. How can I do that? The xvda-disk resides on a lvm-volume.

Without the xvda it was easy to mount volumes to host system but how is it done with xvda? Is it possible without xen-enabled kernel? The only solution for getting files rescued I now know is to use dd to image the whole disk, install another FC6 with the same xen-kernel and start the virtual machine on it. Very time and disk expensive. I would be very gratefull for a simpler and faster solution.


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