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Re: Xine broken again

Phil Meyer wrote:
Ric Moore wrote:

1. Quit updating! :)

On systems that you want to run in a stable fashion you want to stop doing updates when you get it all just right. There is no real danger of leaving it that way for a year or more! On my primary game machine, I follow the updates after a new release until I hit the 'golden' spot, then quit it. I usually get the itch to upgrade at the next release and go through a month of testing until its right again.

On my laptop which is used for research and testing, I still only do updates until a point of reasonable stability, and then update on occasion when something catches my eye or is needed. At those times, I am prepared to do some additional debugging. That comes with the territory.

Also, I have a lab full of systems to test on at work, so my habits are going to be different.

2. It is probably a kernel update that broke things, not xine. Audio for almost all of us is based upon alsa now days. The alsa sound drivers are part of the kernel, and can change with every kernel update.

This is easy to test. When grub starts, select a previous kernel from the list and try xine when the system comes up. If it works, then you know its a newer version of alsa that bit you.

Good luck!

Does Xine have anything to do with gstreamer? Maybe an update to gstreamer did it. I remember something about having to run a gstreamer command to get some sound to work in the past. Someone?

Robin Laing

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