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Re: FC6 not shutting down -SOLVED

Aaron Konstam wrote:
> I have been complaining for months that FC6 would not shutdown my
> machine and cut off the power. I decided I had to solve this problem.
> In the end it turned out to me very simple.
> First to make sure the BIOS had ACPI enabled.
> Then in checking the boot messages I noticed the acpi was being turned
> off and the message said to use lacpi on the kernel boot line. When I
> did the machine could shut off.

lapic, perhaps?

> So why did I not find this earlier. Well it is my fault but I still
> don't know why FC6 shut off acpi in the first place. Any ideas out
> there?

Possibly your BIOS's ACPI implementation is blacklisted.

Some motherboard manufacturers consider that a motherboard that boots
Windows is "debugged" and any variation with published ACPI specs merely
means that those specifications are inaccurate. 

Problematic systems include:
        /* Compaq Presario 1700 */
        /* Sony FX120, FX140, FX150? */
        /* Compaq Presario 800, Insyde BIOS */
        /* IBM 600E - _ADR should return 7, but it returns 1 */
        "ASUS P2B-S"

http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Fix_Common_ACPI_Problems gives other
approaches to fixing ACPI bugs.

Hope this helps,


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