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Re: Harddisk clicks -> System freezes/reboots

Lyvim Xaphir wrote:

That's an interesting experience. I reckon I've never had a power
supply-hard drive related problem cause I've never run up on a power
supply with a bad 5v rail. Maybe I've just been lucky.  Although I
usually only order either PC Power & Cooling or Forton PSU's.  That
might be why.

I bought what I had read was a good power supply. I purchase Antec which I read a good article about opn TomsHardware.com.

In my experience, every time there's been a clicking sound from the
drive, it's an indicator that something bad is going to happen in the
near future.  Diagnostics usually indicate something being wrong with
the drive.  But with what you've contributed here, I will be watching
the 5v rails from here on out.

The voltage was just at the bottom of the limit. Just enough to possibly drop when the drive was doing a seek. As I have mirrored drives, this was enough to increase the current and possibly cause the voltage to drop. Changing PSU,s cleared up all my problems.

It is harder to monitor SATA drives.

Robin Laing

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