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Re: Start only one program at login

On 24Jan2007 16:51, Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu <m3freak rogers com> wrote:
| I want to start one application after logging in from GDM, and nothing
| else - I don't want any of the normal desktop environment.  I've been
| testing with a few different apps, such as gnome-terminal, but so far my
| attempts have failed.
| I'm getting an error that says "no profile for user test found", and
| then I get logged out again.
| What I've done so far is create a .xsession file, changed the
| permissions to 700, and added the following to the file:
| exec gnome-terminal &
| I know that won't give me any gnome settings, etc., but I'm just playing
| around at the moment.  All I want to do for now is get gnome-terminal
| started.

Get rid of the "&".

The duration of the .xsession script is the duration of your login.
Normally you would kick off a few things in the background with "&"
(terminals, browsers, whatever) and finally start a window manager
_without_ an "&". In this way the script is waiting for the window
manager - quitting the window manager logs you out.

So you want to start a single app _instead_ of a window manager.
Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

Get rid of internal customers. - NeilW in a SysAdmin Team Fundamentals meeting

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