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FC4 with AMD Dual Core 2210 Processor?


This is my first post, please be kind...

In the past I've installed a few SMTP gateways based on Fedora 4, mostly
on older machines, Pentium IIIs and Pentium IVs, and one older AMD system.
Never really had any issues.

A few days ago our SMTP gateway at work (running FC4, Postfix,
Spamassassin etc.) decided to quit - hardware issues. Management is eager
to buy a completely new system, because the amount of spam has increased
drastically (no surprise there).

There's talk of buying a computer with an AMD Dual Core 2210 Processor,
1.8GHz Opteron, 1Ghz HyperTransport. The system comes with two SATA drives
for a RAID 1 configuration, and an on-board dual gigabit network adapter.

Does anyone foresee any issues in regards to installing FC4 on a system
like this? I've never configured a RAID array on FC4, and I haven't used
SATA drives before. I am also a bit worried about the dual NIC, because I
haven't done any load balancing on a linux box so far, only on a *cough*
Windows based system.

TIA for any pointers/suggestions/hints....


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