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Re: FC4 with AMD Dual Core 2210 Processor?

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dbau 93sunwheels com wrote:
> Hello,
> This is my first post, please be kind...
> In the past I've installed a few SMTP gateways based on Fedora 4, mostly
> on older machines, Pentium IIIs and Pentium IVs, and one older AMD system.
> Never really had any issues.
> A few days ago our SMTP gateway at work (running FC4, Postfix,
> Spamassassin etc.) decided to quit - hardware issues. Management is eager
> to buy a completely new system, because the amount of spam has increased
> drastically (no surprise there).
> There's talk of buying a computer with an AMD Dual Core 2210 Processor,
> 1.8GHz Opteron, 1Ghz HyperTransport. The system comes with two SATA drives
> for a RAID 1 configuration, and an on-board dual gigabit network adapter.
> Does anyone foresee any issues in regards to installing FC4 on a system
> like this? I've never configured a RAID array on FC4, and I haven't used
> SATA drives before. I am also a bit worried about the dual NIC, because I
> haven't done any load balancing on a linux box so far, only on a *cough*
> Windows based system.

Let me be the first to ask. Why install an OS that's no longer
supported?  Why not start with FC6 or, if you can push it until the end
of April, start with FC7?

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