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Re: How can one install Fedora without a DVD or CDROM available from iso images? (grub entry?)

On Wednesday 24 January 2007 21:19, Jim Cornette wrote:
> Kenneth Wolcott wrote:

> >   How to install FC6 without cdrom?  my cdrom is no longer
> Not too long ago someone posted a response to a way you could mount the
> dvd image and extract the installation kernel as a choice within grub.
> You put the vmlinuz and initrd.img from the install media and add an
> entry in grub to boot the installation.

  Copied from article on  headless installs - assuming you have linux working 
you can boot from grub as follows.

 Essentially, you boot the install via grub by copying the kernel from cd or 
dvd -  for example:

[loop mount DVD or 1st CD like so]
mkdir /mnt/tmp
# mount -o loop /mnt/Name/linux/redhat/fc6/FC-6-i386-DVD.iso /mnt/tmp

[create a /boot/fc6 and copy what we  need]

# mkdir /boot/fc6
# cd /boot/fc6
# cp /mnt/tmp/isolinux/vmlinuz fc6 .
# cp /mnt/tmp/isolinux/initrd.img fc6 .
# umount /mnt/tmp

 Now create a grub install entry such this
[copy the root xxx from your working current linux]

title Fedora Core 6 Install
        root xxx-fixme
        kernel /boot/fc6/vmlinuz
        initrd /boot/fc6/initrd.img

 Then you can install from you hard disk (dvd or isos need to be in their own 
partition (not root), or via nfs, or http or ftp.

good luck.


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