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Re: Firefox locks sound

Tim wrote:
Just a note to say that you're not alone.  I have also had sites that
use sound (whether it be part of Flash, or some background racket), make
it impossible to play sounds with other applications until you quit

Mark Knoop:
It is unlikely that Firefox is the culprit, more likely that a plugin
is to blame.

Good point, unless it's Firefox keeping a plug-in active when it
shouldn't.  But I think you're right, it's probably more likely that the
plug-in is hogging the sound system to itself.

The old version of Flash did not use alsa and did tend to hang on to
the sound device. Have you installed the new version 9.0.31? What
other plugins are you using?

I'm using the 9.0.31 release of the plugin, so the problem (if it's the same one) still exists here. Also, I thought sound always worked for firefox and quit for the rest of my apps, but I'm being proven wrong as now I can get my system sound working again with the trick I described earlier, but now I can't get firefox to make any sounds. Argh!!
I'll have to try that later.  I'm on the wrong PC, and I don't often go
to Flash sites, so I don't know of one to test it with, off hand.

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