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Re: Slow SSH between linboxen

On 25/01/07, bill perkins <perk iag net> wrote:
Dotan Cohen wrote:
> I've got a Fedora 6 box and a Kubuntu box here. The machines have a
> Level1 router connecting both of them to the WAN (internet). On the
> Kubuntu box I SSH into the Fedora box and transfer files in Konqueror.
> However, it is unusually slow: no more than 500 kb/s. What can I
> diagnos?
> Dotan Cohen
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Are both machines on the same subnet? i.e. 192.168.0/24?
You could try connecting a crossover cable between the two systems,
skipping the router, and see what, if any, performance gains you get.

Yes, they are on the same subnet. As one of the machines is a laptop
and therefore cannot have another nic added, connecting them directly
would drag other problems with it (no net connectivity). But I might
do that as a test.

Thanks. Anybody have any other ideas, about what I could check? Thanks.

Dotan Cohen


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