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Re: diskless fc6

On 1/19/07, Chris Rouch <chris rouch gmail com> wrote:
Does anyone have diskless booting working with fc6 and could tell me
what they did to get it to work?

I have a diskless via epia M10K box, booting an fc4 image. Yesterday I
upgraded the server it boots from from fc4 to fc6, reran
system-config-netboot and successfully got it to boot as it had
before, i.e. an fc4 image loaded over nfs.

I then tried to create an fc6 boot image. I installed fc6 on a third
machine and copied the files as described in the howto (and the
system-config-netboot dialog). I changed the properties of the
diskless box to use the fc6 image. This begins to boot, but then gets
a kernel panic. The messages I see are like this:

Ramdisk: compressed image found at block 0
time: acpi_pm clocksource has been installed
EXT2-fs: blocksize too small for device
grow-buffers: requested out-of-range block 10446744071562067960 for device ram0
isofs_fill_super: bread failed, dev=ram0, iso_blknum=17 block=2147483618
No filesystem could mount root, tried: ext2 iso9660
Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable  to mount root fs on unknown-block(1,0)

(the above was hand copied from a screenshot, so there may be typos)

Adding "ramdisk_blocksize=1024" to the kernel command line gets me
past this speed bump, but then nfs fails to mount the image.


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