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xml problems- one more time

I made a mistke sending a large attachment last time that didn't get
through mail filters even mine, so let me try again.

I read about xml it the idea sounds great but I fail when I try to
convert xml to other formats.
What exactly is needed in the xml and dtd files to allow one to run:
xmlto pdf file.xml
or xmlto html file.xml

Let us take the html case. The dtd file that is associted with my fiel
is included below:
<!-- DTD for testaments    J. Bosak -->
<!-- Early versions 1992-1998 -->
<!-- Major revision Copyright (c) Jon Bosak September 1998 -->

<!ENTITY % plaintext "#PCDATA|i">

<!ELEMENT tstmt     (coverpg?,titlepg?,preface?,(bookcoll|suracoll)+)>
<!ELEMENT coverpg   ((title|title2)+, (subtitle|p)*)>
<!ELEMENT titlepg   ((title|title2)+, (subtitle|p)*)>
<!ELEMENT title     (%plaintext;)*>
<!ELEMENT title2    (%plaintext;)*>
<!ELEMENT subtitle  (p)+>
<!ELEMENT preface   ((ptitle|ptitle0)+, p+, witlist?)+>
<!ELEMENT witlist   (witness)+>
<!ELEMENT ptitle    (%plaintext;)*>
<!ELEMENT ptitle0   (%plaintext;)*>
<!ELEMENT witness   (%plaintext;)*>
<!ELEMENT bookcoll  (book|sura)+>
<!ELEMENT book      (bktlong, bktshort, epigraph?, bksum?, chapter+)>
<!ELEMENT suracoll  (sura+)>
<!ELEMENT sura      (bktlong, bktshort, epigraph?, bksum?, v+)>
<!ELEMENT bktlong   (%plaintext;)*>
<!ELEMENT bktshort  (%plaintext;)*>
<!ELEMENT bksum     (p)+>
<!ELEMENT chapter   (chtitle, chstitle?, epigraph?, chsum?, (div+|v+))>
<!ELEMENT chtitle   (%plaintext;)*>
<!ELEMENT chstitle  (%plaintext;)*>
<!ELEMENT div       (divtitle, v+)>
<!ELEMENT divtitle  (%plaintext;)*>
<!ELEMENT chsum     (p)+>
<!ELEMENT epigraph  (%plaintext;)*>
<!ELEMENT p         (%plaintext;)*>
<!ELEMENT v         (%plaintext;)*>
<!ELEMENT i         (%plaintext;)*>

Now when I look at this file I find it confusing. It looks to me like
when I do a xmlto html on the file:
1. the <p> will be removed, and they are. But that is a disaster for the
HTML processor.
2. Any <v> would be removed. They are but the xmlto process complains
about the <v>.

So where have I gone wrong ans what needs to be done?

Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for
these only gave life, those the art of living well. -- Aristotle
Aaron Konstam telephone: (210) 656-0355 e-mail: akonstam sbcglobal net

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