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RAID Driver problem

Hi, all.

I'm trying to set up a new box with FC6, containing the Promise
Supertrak EX8350 SATA RAID controller card. No driver exists for FC6,
only for FC5. However, the list of manually loadable drivers contains a
driver for this card (stex), but selecting this does not help, the
installer still cannot find my array.

If I try to install FC5 using the driver disk from Promise, Fedora loses
connection to my CD-ROM. It continues to ask where to find the
installation files, and when selecting ATAPI CD-ROM, it says it cannot
find that device. Which is kind of strange...

Anyway, I would like to go with FC6 (unless it's hopelessly tricky). Two

1. Any way I can find out why the manual driver supplied with FC6 does
not work? Are there any known issues?
2. There is an open source driver available, which may be compiled. But
I have yet to find out how to make a driver disk out of that. Can anyone

I have sent an enquiry to Promise tech support, but have not yet
received a reply. This is kind of urgent...

This is just going to be a file server, so FC5 is of course an
alternative. But then I'm back to the thing with the CD-ROM.


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