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Re: How to set up mirrors in Smart Package Manager?

on 01/23/2007 07:42 AM Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:
Hi, people

Tired of the well known yum/yumex incredible slowness, I'm experimenting with Smart Package Manager. I must say I'm impressed with some of its capabilities, like the fast parallel download of files, the possibility to revert a package to an older version from within the GUI, to use a directory with a bunch of RPMs as a repo and to easily set up removable repos, among others useful features. Not having to download and rebuild the package catalogs every time you run the program or install a package saves much time too. However, I did not understand very well how to configure mirrors for channels. My doubts are the following:
1. Is there a way to use a mirrorlist URL, like yum?
2. What is the difference between adding a mirror channel (Edit -> Channels -> New -> Provide channel information -> Mirror Information) and adding a mirror (Edit -> Mirrors -> New)?
3. How to use the first of the above mentioned options?
    3.1. Should I add a mirror channel for each mirror of a repo or just one
channel for all of them? 3.2. How should I use the "File URL" field? Is this a local path to a text
           file with the mirrors' informations? How should this file be
    3.3. If a mirror channel for each mirror should be added, their name
           should all be the same? And in this case, what should I fill up in
           "File URL"?
4. About "Edit -> Mirrors -> New", do I have to fill up the channel URL in "Origin URL" and the mirror URL in "Mirror URL" for each mirror of the same repo, one by one? Isn't there a better way to add mirrors?

I cant really answer any of your questions, but just want to mention that I am using smart for almost 2 years with fedora (after apt4rpm yum makes me sick) and I never bothered to set any additional mirrors for the channels. I didnt manage to find any ready-to-use configuration and I am too lazy to do it completely myself. But I found that smart works just fine even without this. Of course there was couple times when the default mirror was down, but It came back up later and I didnt have to worry much about that.

sorry for offtopic

Oleksandr Korneta

/The nice thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from./

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