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Re: Getting people to say nice things about Microsoft (Linspire repo)

On Thursday 25 January 2007 19:38, Ric Moore wrote:
>On Thu, 2007-01-25 at 07:41 -0700, Craig White wrote:
>> On Thu, 2007-01-25 at 06:05 -0800, David Boles wrote:
>> > Would know if Freespire has the same security flaw that Linspire
>> > has? Everything by design in Linspire is run as 'root'. The GUI
>> > desktop. The applications. The whole thing. Just like Windows does.
>> ----
>> Like Ric & Gene
>> Craig
>You just had to go there, huh? <chuckles>
Of course, he never misses an opening like that. :)

>Gene, Les, Tim and I must have been separated at birth, so our
>coinciding use of the root user is just a sign of that. That plus older
>vehicles with no computers nor smog controls on them, just belching
>excess gas and carbon into the ozone the way God intended an American
>Make to do; though side-pipes to scorch the pavement, a proper
>gear-ratio to spin the tires and to scare the neighborhood into a hasty
>retreats while shooing the children to safety. All of that while
>stone-cold sober. OOH-RAH!

Humm, my last set of side pipes were cut through the rear frame rails just 
in front of the rear tires of a 49 mercury.  The daughter that was born 
while I was building that engine is now 40 something.  It almost had some 
mufflers.  Serious squat & dig for the first 90 mph.

Next, my old 52 Saratoga with a 331 hemi in it had a 2.5" 10 foot length 
of emt connecting the manifold Y to the air, actually running under the 
rear axle to about 3" past the bumper.  That hemi didn't cackle all that 
bad, in 100k miles that way I never got a ticket for loud pipes.  And 
with a 3 speed od tranny & a dry clutch where the old M6 used to live, it 
was 30mph/1000 rpms in high overdrive.  3300 rpm flat out across the 
prairies of South Dakota=99 mph on flat ground and 19 mpg.  That was a 
great car, in a straight line, but hell on door handle chrome going 
around corners, its front end geometry made it roll worse than usual.

I'd like to have that engine/powertrain combo in a modern aerodynamic 
vehicle, I'd bet on 30mpg at 100 mph.  The carburetion wasn't stock of 
course.  I do know a couple of things about those...

I've had some other now jurrasic fast cars too, but none could make that 
kind of mileage at speeds they could do for a full tank of gas, covering 
410 miles on a 19 gallon tank many times.
><Hi-fives Gene + Les> + <smirks> Ric
>My father, Victor Moore (Vic) used to say:
>"There are two Great Sins in the world...
>..the Sin of Ignorance, and the Sin of Stupidity.
>Only the former may be overcome." R.I.P. Dad.
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Cheers, Gene
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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