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Re: ripping DVDs

Amadeus W. M. wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Jan 2007 15:27:57 -0500, David Vernon wrote:
>> Dmitriy Kropivnitskiy wrote:
>>> I am looking for a reliable way of ripping a DVD onto hard drive. I have tried to use mencoder and transcode with and without GUIs, but I get rather
>>> mixed results (mostly video is fine, but the sound is all jumbled). The re-encoding is not a requirement, I can keep the original VOBs as long as
>>> there is some way to rip and use subtitles. I have tried and tried and to no avail. If someone has suggestions, tried and proven commands or any other
>>> help on the subject I would truly appreciate.
>> mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile ./bigmovie.mpeg dvd://$yourTitleNumber
>> The output of this is playable via mplayer,xine,whatever as a big mpeg
>> and the sound will be in sync.
> However, if you then want to author bigmovie.mpeg with dvdauthor, say, you
> can't. Or at least it's not straightforward. I had to dumpvideo, dumpaudio,
> then re-multiplex the two in order to get an mpeg usable by dvdauthor. And
> the final product had a significant and annoying A-V difference of a few
> seconds. I'd be interested in a good way of authoring the dumped stream.

I don't know if this would qualify as a "good way." It is somewhat
manual and does not capture the subtitles. Basically I took these steps
out of a perl script that I found someplace called dvd9to5. That script
also resizes the title to fit on a standard dvd. I didn't want that so I
just robed the other commands it uses and the sequence. All this is done
after doing an 'mplayer -dumpstream' on a dvd title.

mkdir -p ./dvd/VIDEO_TS
# build a couple of named pipes for a bit-o-ipc
mkfifo ./vid.fifo
mkfifo ./aud.fifo

# got tcextract? 'yum install transcode' if not.
tcextract -i ./vid.fifo -t vob -x mpeg2 > ./ofile.m2v &
tcextract -i ./aud.fifo -t vob -x ac3 -a 0 > ./ofile.ac3 &

# now that tcextract is listening to our two fifos dump
# some data at them.
cat the-big-movie.mpeg | tee ./vid.fifo ./aud.fifo > /dev/null

# put it all back together into a movie that dvdauthor can be
# happy with. This step requires mjpegtools
mplex -f 8 -S 0 -o movie.mpeg ofile.m2v ofile.ac3

# movie.mpeg is a file that dvdauthor can be happy with. Next steps
# would be some combination of:
dvdauthor -t -a ac3+en -o dvd movie.mpeg
# or if you have a file with chapter info for that title
dvdauthor -t -a ac3+en -c `cat ./chapter-info -o dvd movie.mpeg
# follow one of the above with
dvdauthor -T -o dvd

# you can always get the chapter info with
tcprobe -i /dev/dvd -T 1 -H 500 2>&1 | egrep "\[Chapter ..\] "| \
cut -d " " -f 4
# '-T 1' means title 1 so change to some other number if appropriate

# now build the iso file:
mkisofs -dvd-video -o your-dvd.iso dvd

there you go. Write it to dvd or use it as the arg for mplayers
--dvd-device option. your choice ;-)

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