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Re: Wine broken (or is it FC6)

On 1/25/07, Wade Hampton <wadehamptoniv gmail com> wrote:
Tonight I applied a bunch of FC6 updates then downloaded and built the
latest wine.  It still is hanging when running wincfg at the start:

  $ winecfg
  wine: creating configuration directory '/home/wadeh/.wine'...
  Failed to open the service control manager.

If I kill winecfg, I get a dir like .wine-PcQqhc which contains the
settings and virtual drive.  I moved it to .wine then restarted
winecfg.  At this point, I get a clear window with no menus, just a
translucent frame showing the background.

As this box was FC5 updated to FC6 and is x86_64, I am thinking there
must be something wrong (fonts, libs, etc.).  Any ideas?

I have wine working just fine on my FC6 x86_64 box.  I suggest you use
the wine RPMs from extras.  Here is what I have (yes, this is a 64-bit
install, wine is only available 32-bit):
$ rpm -qa | grep wine

I am not sure what is going on with your system.  Is there anything in
any logs that might give more clues as to what is happening?  I have
had some font issues on a 32-bit CentOS machine where no text would
display on anything running under wine.  This sounds different,
though.  I don't know.  Are there any more details you can provide us?
Are you using AIGLX?  Have you tried without it?  What about SELinux?
Just trying to rule out possibilities...


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