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Re: Too much hard drives failing

Hi Pablo,

What kind of failures are these ? hardware or  disk corruption/software ?

I have about 40 SM servers (with SATA2, SG 500GB etc. running FC5) also using Reiser 3, I also had failures which I eventually traced to 3ware controller firmware, however I have not had any hardware failures.


Pablo Povarchik wrote:
Hello there

Im starting here because i really don't know which would the best place
to look for help. If this is not the correct list, please advise. And if
you can recommend any ML right for this, please let me know.

Words said, let's go to the point:

We have recently added 20 servers to our little farm, 7 of which were
having hard failuers on disks (SATA, Seagate, good brand new SuperMicro

The fact is that this failures are coming up right after we decided to
move to reiserfs.

Can 7 out of 20 hard drives be defective (yes, of course, but what is
the % probability for this)?
Can this anyhow be related with reiserfs?

SuperMicro Fedora core 5

Any help will be more than appreciated

Thanks a lot

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