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Re: Getting people to say nice things about Microsoft (Linspire repo)

On Thu, 2007-01-25 at 22:38 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Thursday 25 January 2007 19:38, Ric Moore wrote:
> >On Thu, 2007-01-25 at 07:41 -0700, Craig White wrote:
> >> On Thu, 2007-01-25 at 06:05 -0800, David Boles wrote:
> >> > Would know if Freespire has the same security flaw that Linspire
> >> > has? Everything by design in Linspire is run as 'root'. The GUI
> >> > desktop. The applications. The whole thing. Just like Windows does.
> >>
> >> ----
> >> Like Ric & Gene
> >>
> >> Craig
> >
> >You just had to go there, huh? <chuckles>
> >
> Of course, he never misses an opening like that. :)
> >Gene, Les, Tim and I must have been separated at birth, so our
> >coinciding use of the root user is just a sign of that. That plus older
> >vehicles with no computers nor smog controls on them, just belching
> >excess gas and carbon into the ozone the way God intended an American
> >Make to do; though side-pipes to scorch the pavement, a proper
> >gear-ratio to spin the tires and to scare the neighborhood into a hasty
> >retreats while shooing the children to safety. All of that while
> >stone-cold sober. OOH-RAH!
> Humm, my last set of side pipes were cut through the rear frame rails just 
> in front of the rear tires of a 49 mercury.  The daughter that was born 
> while I was building that engine is now 40 something.  It almost had some 
> mufflers.  Serious squat & dig for the first 90 mph.
> Next, my old 52 Saratoga with a 331 hemi in it had a 2.5" 10 foot length 
> of emt connecting the manifold Y to the air, actually running under the 
> rear axle to about 3" past the bumper.  That hemi didn't cackle all that 
> bad, in 100k miles that way I never got a ticket for loud pipes.  And 
> with a 3 speed od tranny & a dry clutch where the old M6 used to live, it 
> was 30mph/1000 rpms in high overdrive.  3300 rpm flat out across the 
> prairies of South Dakota=99 mph on flat ground and 19 mpg.  That was a 
> great car, in a straight line, but hell on door handle chrome going 
> around corners, its front end geometry made it roll worse than usual.
> I'd like to have that engine/powertrain combo in a modern aerodynamic 
> vehicle, I'd bet on 30mpg at 100 mph.  The carburetion wasn't stock of 
> course.  I do know a couple of things about those...
> I've had some other now jurrasic fast cars too, but none could make that 
> kind of mileage at speeds they could do for a full tank of gas, covering 
> 410 miles on a 19 gallon tank many times.
> ><Hi-fives Gene + Les> + <smirks> Ric
My favorite was a 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire, 650cuft/min Holley, 357
Rocket V8.  With a bit of fixin', it went 130+ in the quarter, 404Hp and
408ftlbs torque in "street tune".  Super Blue Sunoco something like 190
octane.  Top end about 150 or so.  My dad used to say there was a race
between the gas gauge and the spedo.  Boy, what a sweet ride.
Convertible, Roman red and real chrome, not like today's plastic.

I had a Rebel station Wagon that was a $100.00 car, a 1957 Triumph TR-3,
a 1954 Ford Flat Head with offenhauser aluminum heads and Wieand Wye
manifold with two two barrels (former moonshiners car, still had the
removable floor board in the back seat for dumping the hooch.)

	I can put a distributor in, check the firing order, set it up, and get
the engine to start the first time from memory.  I really impressed my
24 year old son when I reset his when he forgot to write down the firing
order after he had the distributor bearings replaced in his Barracuda,
then I fudged his advance to give him a little more boost off the line.
Do you know how to "shape" the springs on the centrifugal advance, or
how to control the curve on the vacuum advance?

Les H

Les H

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