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Re: Too many processes question.

Steve Siegfried wrote:
> James Wilkinson's previous post to the Fedora list about what to turn off
> is pretty complete.  I'd argue over a couple of 'em (like gpm and
> sshd),

Hey, they were just suggestions.

Do you actually use GPM? SSHd is something you either know you use or
you don't use it, and if you don't use it it ought to be off for
security reasons.
> Given all that's in this thread, especially the 433Mhz/256MB cpu/memory
> info, I'd strongly recommend you look at 512MB or even 1024MB worth
> of memory.  If your CPU is a Pentium 2 or Pentium 3, memory should
> be fairly cheap at your local BestBuy or CircuitCity.  If I recall
> correctly, it ought to be PC100 or PC133 memory, but take your box
> (or just the memory SIMs if you're comfortable removing 'em and have a
> ground strap to use while doing so) with you to make sure they give you
> the right kind of SIMs.

At 433 Mz it will either be a Celeron, which can take PC66, PC100 or
PC133 memory (and will run any of them at 66 MHz), or a K6 variant,
which will want PC100 or PC133 memory for best performance.

I'd recommend that Les be careful with this -- some motherboards that
age wouldn't cope with 512 MB DIMMS.

Hope this helps,


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