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Re: generic HW question about SATA

On 26/01/07, mindwave cfl rr com <mindwave cfl rr com> wrote:


I'm upgrading my main linux box this weekend. I have about a TB worth of
HD's to use, all ATA.

I know that the new standard is SATA, and i actually have ONE SATA drive
that I could use if I wanted to (its in a USB box right now).

But never having used SATA, can ATA and SATA be used in the same PC?

For examplecan I have all 4 ATA channels full (3 HD's and a DVDRW) and then
activate the SATA channels in BIOS and throw this single drive on the back
end as well?

It entirely depends on your motherboard - linux will handle whatever
it sees. I have 2 SATA hard drives, a SATA DVDRW and an IDE HD running
with no problems.

Look up your motherboard specs to check on its capabilities - although
one would think that if you can plug it in, then the board should be
able to address it.

Mark Knoop

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