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Re: mount problem

A chgrp/chmod should be persistent through reboots, unless you're changing permissions of something in /dev (which you're not)...that can get funny.

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Friday 26 January 2007 15:14, Craig White wrote:
I simply want users to be able to write to those directories.  I hate
having to do things as root when it isn't necessary or advisable for
security. The /mnt/Holding one is the vital one.  That was deliberately
set up with huge amounts of space for this purpose.
you might want to consider doing things like this...

if all 'users' are members of 'users' group

chgrp users /mnt/Holding -R
chmod g+s /mnt/Holding -R
chmod g+w /mnt/Holding -R

bear in mind that users with a default umask of 022 will create files
with a 644 and folders with 755 permissions which means that other users
will not be able to 'write' into those directories or over those files.

If I chgrp and chmod, wouldn't that last for one session only? IOW - Wouldn't it be overwritten when I boot up tomorrow?


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