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Re: Getting Fox News to work with Firefox

On 26/01/07, Aaron Konstam <akonstam sbcglobal net> wrote:
On Fri, 2007-01-26 at 09:21 -0500, Joe Klemmer wrote:
> On Sun, 21 Jan 2007, Aaron Konstam wrote:
> > Let us forget about news sites for a minute. firefox will not allow you
> > to check the balance on your credit card by going to: www.citicards.com
> >
> > These things really have to be dealt with if Linux is to be a viable
> > alternative to Windows.
>       Now this one is completely off base.  The video issue was
> partially relative in that things might work better if FC came with all
> the proprietary codecs installed but if firefox doesn't work with
> citicards.com then it is 100% a problem with the site and nothing at all
> to do with firefox, fedora, linux or anything at all related to them.
This belated comment id not completely true. Of course part of the
problem is with the web site. But since firefox loads the web site in
Windows part of the problem is with firefox on Linux.

The site specifically says that it works on Firefox in Windows and
Mac, but not on Linux. Furthermore, the UA is sniffed.

Dotan Cohen


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